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April 2021 Onward

It's been a year, now the time comes to show Jupiter, its role and give relief to respected Rashi(s). Sagittarius and Pisces, you both should prepare for the party because it is time to celebrate.

  • Aries-Salary increase
  • Taurus-Marriage or baby birth
  • Leo- New business option
  • Scorpio - Welcome new family member/Promotion 100%
  • Sagittarius- No space for your enemies to hide from you
  • Pisces- Ready for Abroad Journey

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  • Jupitor, Saturn and Rahu will play very important role on all Rashi
  • Capricorn & Taurus will be more importants

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Check, your past, current and future

  • Everyone is living life differently, sometime we face good time or bad time
  • We have always surprised with this world and we have curiosity to know about future
  • In this section, We have done thorough analysis and based on this, we are listing
  • How did you live and what is hidden in your current and future
  • Now It is very easy to know how was your past and how will be your current and future?


  • The mantra has important role in Indian mythology, You believe or not they affect magnetically our lives.
  • We should use right mantra based on current planetary movement. Do you know which mantra is for you

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  • Your trust is our future.
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  • We don't believe in teaching astrology to you.
  • We are neither God nor Magician.
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Your relation with others

  • How will be a relationship with a business partner?
  • With family members including mother, father and other relatives
  • Which relationship will help in your future and who is good for nothing